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Why Your Perfect Flexible Workspace Could Be a Coworking Space 

Are you looking for a change of environment? 
Perhaps your workspace at home is uninspiring, you’re missing the buzz of an office, or - with the summer holidays looming - you’re facing the likelihood of a crowd at home. For those days when you need a change of space, finding a table in your local cafe just won’t do it. 
You’re looking for somewhere you can focus that’s got a great feel, somewhere the people are friendly - but not so friendly you can’t get any work done. You want a place that has everything you need, somewhere you can grab a cuppa easily without getting distracted. 
Have you ever tried a coworking space? 
The right coworking spaces are vibrant and productive hubs; designed for effective working and collaboration for independent professionals, freelancers, and startups. Here at Hazelrigg House, we’ve designed a space where you can be creative and efficient, equipped with everything you need to be productive.  
Does that sound good? 

Is a coworking space right for you? 

There are lots of reasons why coworking spaces are becoming increasingly popular. If your current workspace doesn’t give you what you need, why not consider these benefits of coworking spaces? 
Escape Isolation 
While quiet can be great for focusing, there are times when we all need some company. Your coworking space at Square Feet offers a supportive community of growing businesses so whether you want to share your thoughts on your favourite new drama or your latest service offering, you’re no longer alone. 
Boost Productivity 
A dedicated workspace with fewer distractions can work wonders for your focus. You can put your head down, your earphones in, and not have to face the washing up when you go to make tea. 
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Find the best coworking space for you 

So, what are you looking for in your ideal working environment? It’s important to consider both what you need and what you want; here’s our list of things to consider. 
Dedicated Desks or Hot Desks 
Choose the option that suits you best—a dedicated desk for a personalised space or a hot desk offering more flexibility. Do you need a space that’s available every day or just an occasional change of scenery? With our three membership options you can take your pick. 
Unlimited Secure Super-Fast Wi-Fi 
This isn’t really a choice, is it? We all know the importance of our internet connection, availability and security. When you’re looking for your workspace, make sure the Wi-Fi will do what you need it to. 
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Flexible & Scalable 
You’ll only pay for the space you need and can adjust that as your business grows. Whether you need one desk for yourself or a space to gather the team, Square Feet even offers serviced offices when you’re ready for your own front door. 
For a professional space without the overheads of a traditional office lease, coworking spaces are a brilliant and cost-effective option. Here at Square Feet we have three different membership options that will give you what you need - you can see more here. 
Prove Your Professionalism 
Not only does a professional work environment help you project a polished and established image for yourself and your business, but it will also help you see yourself and your business differently. 
Providing Inspiration 
However great your home office is, many of us get frustrated when we’re in the same space every day. Find a space that inspires you. We’re thrilled with our space at Hazelrigg House; it’s inspired us, and we hope it will inspire you. 
office units, registered address, northamptonshire
Meeting Rooms and Break-Out Spaces 
Whether you need areas perfect for brainstorming sessions, video calls, or client meetings, consider the flexible spaces you need and make sure they’re available. Square Feet has collaborative tables or single desks, breakout areas and meeting rooms available to book - why not get in touch to arrange a visit? 
Well Stocked Kitchen 
Productive work relies on you staying fuelled. Does your coworking area provide complimentary tea, coffee, and snacks? Here at Square Feet, you’ll have access to great coffee, tea, biscuits and more. 
Comfortable and Collaborative Atmosphere 
A coworking space is about the community as much as the desk. When you’re considering a space, see how you feel with the people already there. This is a great place to network with like-minded individuals, share ideas, and build valuable connections. How do you feel in this space? 
Location, Location, Location 
The space must be convenient for you, your commute, and your meetings. Is it close to town if you fancy grabbing lunch? What about parking? Hazelrigg House is in the centre of Northampton, a five-minute walk from the station with cafes, restaurants, and shops nearby, as well as three public car parks. 
Coworking spaces offer a fantastic blend of flexibility, community, and productivity. Whether you're a freelancer, a startup founder, or simply looking for a new workspace that inspires you, consider giving coworking a try. 
Here at Square Feet, we offer a variety of flexible workspace solutions to suit your needs. Whether you’re looking for somewhere for occasional days, a registered office address, or your own home away from home, you can see what’s on offer here. 
Why not come for a tour and see for yourself? Get in touch 
If you’d like to learn more about Hazelrigg House, contact or call 01604 953730
I’m Tom, Director at Square Feet 
We provide serviced offices, meeting rooms, cowork spaces and virtual office solutions so you can grow your business by working your way. 
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